Perfect Peace… a poem .

Perfect Peace… a poem .

How can I find perfect peace

A long awaited  sigh

Where  I find rest and satisfaction with my days

And only  my eyes  gaze  upon true beauty and leave behind  the flaws…

The constant pressures of our earth

The screams for acceptance

All that is expected, all that is offered here …

but is this why we were created?

Yet I have found true peace and joy , in sticky hands and dirty little noses

The  dearest little faces and the sweetest smiles.

The babe at my breast  looking into my eyes with so much love ,

the children I was trusted with,

a gift truly sent from heaven.

So how can I find peace

in a world so hung up on self.

I find the less traveled path of Motherhood to be the best .

The peace that comes from not rushing , and less hurry

The  gift I was entrusted with , the trust The Lord has given my husband and I .

To train each of these little gifts.

To treasure and cherish the time with them and to share Gods gift of humbleness.

As I share time and nurture these,

We will minister to others with our hands and feet,

Going where you call us Lord.

Looking to you for our light and guide,

that many should know Christ as Saviour and Lord ,

That all may have a true repentant heart ,

That sin and death would no longer hold us , and again

we will have true peace .

The peace the world has yet to give us


Thank you for reading my thoughts and prayers … I pray this touches your heart . I believe there are some reading this that may be getting pulled in by others thoughts and expectations. Please take time to pray and remember what God has done for you, that you may look to him for guidance  …Also you may not be a christian or have religious beliefs , but surely you can see Gods hand is our creation…Please know no man , cure, or advice can truly make you happy on its own . True happiness is found in the belief that there is a God bigger then all we see and he truly has a good plan , even beyond the bad things we see. Yes there is evil and pain all around us , yet even in this there is a Light that shines to draw a way of peace even in this pain. May you be led to go the way God calls… even if it mean standing alone.


My favorite fermented foods .


After preparing this month for moving to our new home. I have been mentally and physically exhausted. I also have had digestive issues from all the stress that moving can bring …. even if you are just moving 10 minutes away … but to a larger home and with six children …and homeschooling … doing activities and other things life has to bring . This is one reason I have not posted in a while. But now that we are settling in . I wanted to share with your my favorite cultured foods that help my belly aches go away and my bowels move smoothly … because to me digestive health is so important for mental and emotional well-being .


My # 1 star is sauerkraut … why because it is so simple and a little goes a long way . I not only eat it , but also enjoy the juice as a beverage or in salad dressing.I also use it in guacamole for some extra zing .


2nd … I love good old kefir… full fat of course , but mine is made from coconut milk  because milk still bothers me.


3rd would be pickles … they are cheap to make and flavorful


I also ferment .. brown rice  for flour, seeds like sunflower and pumpkin , oats for our family , yogurt if needed. All these foods are so easy to digest and are cheaper when you do it yourself . doing this has helped me because i still am sensitive to certain things, but thank God I am not where I used to be. Fermented foods are much cheaper to do yourself and these basics are helpful for large families and easy on your budget. Please take time to look up the foods listed and how to prepare them yourself… you may be surprised at how easy they are … and what you have been missing out. These staples have really helped my gut and I thank God for them.


What are you favorite Cultured or Fermented foods??



Feeding your children and feeding yourself

Feeding your children  and feeding yourself

As much as  I would love to say I always feed my children the best …. there are times that I get rushed into quick fix meals that are lacking in the best of nutrients . I have found that instead of beating myself up about those times .. to just let go and give the best of what  I have. For all you out there thinking that means drive thru or quick fix junk … no that means for me  serving a breakfast of homemade granola or gluten-free organic cereal such as natures path brand … rather than the grain free fare we usually have .That also may mean a lunch of corn chips , apples, and hormone free lunch meat  at a park vs a homemade lunch . Or a dinner of pancakes and eggs when daddy is on a trip .. rather than a meat and vegetable.

Feeding my children healthy nourishing food is important to me , but going crazy about it is not going to feed my well-being or provide peace in our home .

Once upon a time I was a overweight young mom who read a health book and changed from whole foods, to raw vegan foods and then back again to whole foods..mostly grain free. I would try to take every bit of junk away from our children and never let them have anything … even at parties. I also would offend others with my health food preaching and my bagged food products  .. at the time I had no real reason to bring those things  other than  the “My food choices are better than  yours” excuse  . That soon led to stress for me and no peace in our family. I got sick and went on the Gaps diet… which did really help but even that became another  prison.  . I finally decided I had healed enough on the Gaps  to  branch out and  try some other foods , but by then I had this real issue with who to trust about food  and what to eat.

I finally decided it was time to ask God for help on this food issue  and listen to my bodies needs.

With much prayer … my husbands wisdom and now some peace . I have settled into eating and feeding our family the way that works  well for us . Yes we eat typical health foods , but I do not eat one persons way or style . We just try to eat well so that we may feel well. So with the title Feeding your children  and Feeding your self. I would like to offer this advice .. that is to find what really works for you and stick with it . Life means more than eating and drinking. Again even though healthy whole food is important …do not follow it to the point where you lose your life and time worshiping it as I did .

I hope this spoke to someone out there. If so please let me know what you thought .

A mothers best friend . A child’s greatest joy .

A mothers best friend . A child’s greatest joy .

I am sure many reading this want to know what it is  I am selling or offering . Well the good news is I am not really selling anything , but I am offering a reminder of  a free gift we all can use .. mother or not . It is patience.

As a mother of 6 children I am constantly worn down by the days daily demands and life’s pulling song. I am hurried each day not just by my children or husband , but by a constant eye of approval  I have set up to meet my standard of normal and acceptable . Patience often knocks at my hearts door as my little one  asks me to play with them or look at some new trick  they can do . Patience again knocks when my workout or bible time are interrupted by little voices arises in the early morning hours asking for food and drink . I have to say I do not always open the door  and let patience in. There are times I shut the door so tight and scream out my selfish pleas.There are times I huff and puff and do not have a grateful heart as  I wash ,dry , and fold yet another load of clothes. My eyes are so focused on the outside , it is hard to hear patience voice . Patience is knocking at all times at my heart door … I am striving to open the door with joy and selflessness. My children’s greatest joy is to see Mommy smile . They love when I am interested in what they are interested in . Our children delight in our kind words and encouragement … even when we have to squeeze every ounce out of us to say a kind word or encourage them … especially on the days we feel like they were   acting wrongly   or we were just rotten ourselves. It is so easy to  lash out when we  feel wronged or life is not fair. But the bible teaches to forgive . I long for patience more than I ever have , that I might be who God has called me to be Christ Jesus , to be a light and a testimony to others and to be a good example to my family . So there you have it pick up your patience on the same aisle as Joy , suffering, hardship, and don’t forget the repentance on the way out ,for that leads to forgiveness.  I hope you enjoyed this post , if so leave a comment ,I would love hearing from you .

Fasting and prayer … A time to break away !

Fasting and prayer … A time to break away !

For many of us  a vacation is a wonderful way to get away from the woes of life.Often we dream of running from problems or work just because it is so much easier than facing them . I am often overwhelmed with whats on my daily plate of life. I also realize I take on way more than I should. I feel like  I am drowning in my sea of daily schedules, routines, healthy living, and Christ centered faith that really shows Christ Jesus , oh and there’s  all my imperfections.

Finally feeling sick of being overwhelmed I decided to embark on my first true week-long food fast and  added  more prayer time then i usually do .

Why would some one fast food you may say… let alone a mom of six who is still nursing  her 10 month old ?

Because for me when I forget who I am and what I stand for  it is only from  my focus being diverted upon others and not on my life and what God has called me to do . Juice fasting and being hungry reminds me  to stop and pray and stay focused on Jesus more than other people lives and abtaining a goal that was set for them not me .

Also for being hungry brings up a lot of yucky attitudes that  I see I have to repent for and change  .It is not easy to admit you are  not able to do everything for everyone all the time , but  I  do not believe  I was called to be everyone’s all , only God can fulfill  that calling.

Fasting also  brings peace of mind for me ,in as I  really struggle with healthy living as well,and  at times  it has become my all … My focus can  really be too much about what I put into my body food wise and also excercise  wise , yet little focus is on what is going into my mind and heart … out of which the mouth speaks . Eating well and exercise are not bad things , but my focus was very much off from where my heart has  made its home . I always want faith to be more important than what  I see in front of me .

This  fast was a true challenge for me ,but as the week went on it was easier to focus and pray . Reading the bible was a joy not a struggle as before . I also do not want to forget this time and slip back to old habits . I will make fasting and prayer monthly because it is so important for me to focus  on Gods heart  and also it has been healing to my heart and mind.

Do you fast or pray?? How has this made a difference in you life?

Easy berry sorbet and granola topping…

Hi there … in Florida things are starting to heat up and well my children always seem hungry right when I need a break . Today I wanted to give then something to semi make them full , but did not want them to have milk  as many of them cannot have plain cows milk and I did not feel like making almond milk fresh …  Came up with this and we all enjoyed it. Also you did not have to use regular granola I enjoyed mine with a grain free version  found at My kids begged me to put this on my blog .




Easy berry sorbet …..

2cups frozen blueberries

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 cup not for concentrate   Orange juice or fresh orange juice  or  use water

1/2 cup water

stevia to taste

granola for topping…we use homemade and coconut flour grain free  granola



Blend all ingredients until smooth.Serve topped with granola .This recipe served 5 of us and we made it over afternoon right after… It’s really good.




Ways our family uses coconut oils

Ways our family uses coconut oils

As my previous post i mentioned that coconut oil was one of my many loves! I of course will not say Idol because well I will not bow down to it like some may .But I will use it often as I know it is a very awesome oil to have in the kitchen and in the home in general.

Over the years we have all heard that saturated fat will make us fat and most of us have tried a healthful fat-free or low-fat diet , but what most do not know is it is not raw virgin oils or even butter  that make us fat but the very high heated  oils we get at the store that are labeled  as healthy  and hailed by our Standard American diet.

At our home we use virgin coconut oil, butter and olive oil for our  cooking fats . These our favorites and I strive to make them the only fats we use besides the ones naturally occurring in meat, cheese, fish, and poultry. But now let us take a look at Coconut oil which is dear to my heart

We use coconut for these things…

Coconut oil can be used as  remedy for ears infections using a combination of raw virgin coconut oil , garlic powder, and olive oil. When  mixed drop with a dropper in ears 2 times a day until infection clears.

It is also great taken for fungal infections or while you have a virus… I use it on the children and my self  for rashes , hives , or to control  excess of yeast

Coconut oil is awesome on the skin for a body lotion or soothing for some one who has hives… I tried this first had a few months ago . Using coconut oil on my hives really soothed the itchy irritated skin.

I love frying eggs in coconut oil for the family , using it in a stir fry or in place of butter and oil in a recipe.

I also will mix it into smoothies,  raw food puddings or use it in this great chocolate recipe that follows .

Chocolate Coconut Bark

1 cup extra virgin coconut oil

1/2 cup raw cocoa powder or just plain cocoa powder

2 tablespoons raw honey

stevia to taste

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

dash sea salt

Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a brownie pan lined with parchment paper. Place in freezer for 15 min or until frozen solid .Break into bark like pieces… I usually make tiny chunks so it lasts longer .Enjoy

You can use these as chocolate chips for all those looking for a grain free chocolate chip low in sugar.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and this recipe. If you have health problems please consult a doctor before trying some of these ideas . I am not a doctor , just have tried these things and they work for our family .So please make sure you ask your doctor if you are not sure about these remedys and how they may apply to you.

Please let me know what you do with coconut oil! I would love to learn more ways to use this amazing oil!